Just bought a Dell XPS 13-9370, does anyone have any success with certain linux distributions?


I recently bought the Dell XPS 13-9370 4K version with an i7 and 16GB Ram. I’ve had laptops in the past but they’ve not been this powerful and sometimes certain linux distributations have been somewhat unsuccessful.

Does anyone here use this laptop, if so which linux distribution are you running?
I’ll be using it at home. I’ve been glancing at kubuntu 19.10 as well as Manjaro.

Thanks. I just joined this forum as well after been a subscriber on youtube for a few months.
Really appreciate the content :slight_smile:

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We kinda need to know what it does that isn’t working lol.


I’ve got an older XPS 13 that’s been running Ubuntu all of it’s life. I originally thought I would replace the distro right off the bat, but it started growing on me and I never felt like switching. If you like Ubuntu or probably any other *buntu I think that’s not a bad place to start.

I’m sorry i dont understand. I don’t have the device yet.

Thanks! I’ll think i’ll start with Kubuntu 19.10 :slight_smile:

The XPS laptops are solid.

I’ve had zero issues with my 9340 and 9570 on any distro I’ve ever used.

Dell kinda goes out of their way to support Linux. Moreso than HP, at least.

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I have a xps 15 7590 and I run pop os on it. I’ve had a few minor issues, but that’s expected running linux on a laptop. Pop os has been working well for me. Their power manager is nice because it has built in support for laptops.
Edit: My laptop has a goodix fingerprint sensor which doesn’t have linux drivers so I can’t use it.

Seconded, Manjaro, Debian, and Arch work flawlessly on my 9570. The only issue is the default wifi card they come with is pretty garbage. I would recommend replacing the wifi card with an intel one as soon as possible if you are doing any sort of netsec work or want to use FOSS drivers.

I run the 15” XPS as my main work machine. Run Fedora 30 on it and haven’t had any problems. Works with my Dell usb-c dock and everything.

The only problem I have is no Ethernet port but I’ve resorted to an old MacBook for that because I can’t keep up with a dongle to save my life

Yours didn’t come with intel wifi? that’s odd.

Solid choice. I’ve run Ubuntu vanilla and Kubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora (late 20s), and Debian Stretch on an XPS 13".

For Debian some magic was needed to get WiFi installed, but if you’re interested in Debian I can dig through my notes and find how I did it.

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Dell has been offering (and sometimes defaulting to) Qualcomm WiFi cards in the latitudes for a while now. Wouldn’t surprise me if they started doing that to their consumer and prosumer lines as well. Must have a good deal with them or something.

No idea about Qualcomm compatibility in Linux, however.