Just bought a Dell T3500 motherboard with a W3520 issues

I just got the before mentioned CPU and motherboard, the ebay seller had 99.7% happyness factor thing. I got it, and it got here today. I'm having some sort of issue.It's going 1-3-2 for the beep code when it beeps. If it doesn't beep then the CPU fan just speeds up really fast. Or like right now, the GPU fan isn't even spinning.
Please help me. I've been working on this for a while now with no hints to any help.

Also, if I try to set it to do a clear cmos, it just won't boot

Maybe this could help ...


It tells what different beep codes mean for different Dell systems.

It says trouble with ram slots or the ram
I know the ram works for sure, it was just taken out of my brother's system. just a 2gb stick

EDIT - It still does it even with no ram in it

Any one else has any idea?