Just a quick question about kernel and updating it

Okay so I installed conky and noticed that it said I am on on Ubuntu 14.10.

What kind of issues would arise from updating it to a newer kernel such as 3.19?

I doubt that it would cause any issues, I often updated my Ubuntu kernel to the newest version. Unless you have some hardware that's supported from x version of the kernel, don't update it.

I'm not sure that you would really need to update your kernel for a desktop, unless you need bleeding-edge hardware support. What do you need a newer kernel for?

No reason, just thought it might be good to have the newer version vs such an older one.

It shouldn't matter all that much for desktop use. If you want to mess around with newer kernels though, go to www.kernel.org and grab the latest stable kernel. There are a few guides for building and installing it.