Just a question regarding cpu choices for a future upgrade

Hello everyone, so i just got this question in my head today and i was wondering which cpu could go for a future upgrade. No, i don't plan on getting the next upgrade soon, i'm just making a list of parts for a future build i would like to make for a long term. So i would like to have a pc that i could do audio recording/editing and some video editing as a hobby because i would like to make some projects with a friend, nothing too serious, also i would use it for some programming or something related to what i'm studying (Computer Engineering). On the gaming side, just to be able to play on 1080p/1440p.

So, for these needs should i consider an i7 6700k or is better to spend less on an i5 6600k?

As i said, i was thinking about this today and i don't know it could help me on making some choices on future upgrades for my PC :) But for now i would like to know what you think, it could help me to understand a little bit on cpu choices depending on the type of usage.

Thanks for reading! :)

If you are not going to be building it soon I would say don't make a parts list until you are ready because those part will be out of date or issues might be found that make them a part that you don't want to buy by the time you are ready to buy.


Well, it's more on a general type of choice. Of which cpu would be better to choose on a that type of usage (depending on what gen or model of cpu is when i make the build) go for an i5 (4C/4T) or an i7(4C/8T). Sorry if i didn't specify that.

If you're video editing in the adobe suite, the 6700K will be quite a bit faster. but yeah, at this point like @darkhorseman91 said, I'd hold out and wait for a bit to see what comes up.

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Agreed. Performance in video rendering is usually based on clock speed and number of threads. More is better.

a 4c 4t xeon will out perform a 8c 16t xeon in adobe all day every day.. its not just cores its clock speed and cache. only a few programs can actually use more than 8 threads efficiently.

very much depending on the work load and length. But in most cases yes. Mostly +1