Just a noob overclocking question

The question is simple and will probably sound stupid(forgive me, this is the first CPU I've overclocked). I've been trying to get a stable 4.5GHz OC from my 4670k for some time now. However it always crashed after about 2-3 minutes in Prime95(if it booted at all that is). Today I decided to try raising the CPU VCore. I always tried to keep it @1.3V tops, because everywhere I read people said "Don't go above 1.3!". I never really understood why, but I'm a noob and I don't want to risk my precious CPU.

So, let's get to the point. I used to run my CPU @4.4GHz, 1.28VCore, 1.19V Cache, 1,9V Input Voltage and Loadline calibration set to Extreme. I just decided to try 4.5GHz again, so I played around with the voltages. 1.34VCore and everything else is the same and it seems to be running stable and the temperatures are actually pretty good. After 20 minutes of Prime95 no core went above 80C and it didn't really change much for the 1hour I tested. So should I keep it like this and Is there an actual risk of running your CPU at "high" voltages even if the temps are good?


First off what are your "good" temperatures, and what kind of cooling do you have?

The second question is, how long do you plan on keeping your computer?

1-2 years? I would go ahead and keep it at 4.5 if your temperature is indeed "good"

Any more than that----keep it at 4.4...really the difference in performance between 4.4 and 4.5 is meaningless 

By good I mean ~80C at 100% load with Prime95 and ~65C when gaming. I'm using an H80i with SP120's.

You shouldn't be running Prine95 with the new generations of Intel CPUs. Prime95 will stress the CPU in ways that are not suitable for it. Use AIDA64 as an alternative. You ought to be careful when testing the CPU. Be sure to turn off adaptive voltage. Otherwise, the CPU will over-volt to meet the demands on a stress test.

I think you'd be far better off dropping the overclock down to 4.2. There are many considerations to make. You might have higher ambient temps than I experience in my room, but my CPU doesn't approach 65 degrees during gaming. I have an overclocked 4770k. Ensure that your heatsink is seated correctly on the socket.

1-2 years? I would go ahead and keep it at 4.5 if your temperature is indeed "good"

ok i think you guys are missing some units because 4.5 could mean 4.5 volts, amps, cats. you name it it can be it. at first i thought you meant votes. i thought that is why haswell is so hot 


He listed out all the voltages and at what frequencies he is using my town. 

Prime 95 uses AVX instructions, which I honestly don't know what that is other then black magic happens, goats are sacrificed, and things speed up that use avx, but it is my opinion that if you want true stability run a stress test that utilizes it. It is probably like hyperthreading, I used to turn hyperthreading off when overclocking, but now it doesn't matter anymore.

i know it just took a sec to figure out what 4.5 could mean