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Just a noob finding the proper path

I am teaching myself about VM in an effort to provide my 10 year old son the joy of playing popular games without jeopardizing the stability of his Linux PC.
I am trying to guide my son to be a forward thinking person and there is no better community to be a part of than the OpenSource and Linux Communities.
I will admit I am having difficulty with the GPU pass through aspect of creating a VM.
In my search for guidance I cam across the " Gaming on Linux - With WENDELL from Level1Techs!" video and decided I needed to come here.
I am trying to get a head of the curve on the subject of using only 1 monitor, keyboard, and mouse to run the Host and Guest, that is why I am here.
I did not spend a lot of money on my son’s PC but it is a clear step up from his broken old one.
He has …
ASRock B450M Pro 4
AMD Ryzen 3 2200 integrated Vega 8 GPU
Radeon RX 570 GPU
HP E231i Full HD 60Hz VGA DVI DP LED Monitor

I had tried to follow this tutorial … Chris Titus Tech YouTube PCI Passthrough video … but for some reason the lspci -vnn | grep -iP “vga|amdgpu|nvidia|nouveau|vfio-pci” command resulted in no kernel driver being assigned to the RX 570

Of course I am not completely sure his instructions are correct for my situation but it is the most current focused on the AMD CPU and AMD GPUs

So I will be searching here and elsewhere to find a solution to that before moving on to creating the VM and needing to use Looking Glass

Enough rambling

Different distributions of linux have slightly different ways to setup a GPU passthrough VM. So I would recommend finding a guide for your distro version specifically.

Welcome to Level1

What Distro are you using and do you have iommu enabled in the bios, not on auto it needs to be enabled and what is the output of lspci -nnv