Just a little something I've been working on

No, this is not official. I was just bored this morning so I've been coding/composting quite a bit today and this is 1 frame render from something I've been working on. Hope you guys like it :D I'll post the full rendered video when its done.



Tell me how it looks? :D


Done rendering :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zikgc-LqrkA


PS: The quality isn't the greatest because I didn't feel like uploading a 2GB File :P

looks like a real machined piece of aluminum floating around... good stuff

WHAT? No amazing 'swoosh' sounds?! No lazers?! No prime lighting effects?! Ultra-dislike!

Seriously, it's pretty cool. :) You probably could have rendered it in 1080p/1200p with H.264 and gotten an easily manageable filesize without sacrificing too much quality.

Yeah but I'm headed to bed right now so I'll have to do all of that tomorrow, I do a lot of editing and live broadcasting for my school so I get away with doing this whenever. But yeah, HQ render up tomorrow.

Feel like wearing it on a chain around my neck showing off to my collegues.

Awesome. But I think it as an intro to the Tek will sorta be "corny"

I never actually intended for it to be used, I was just a bit bored and wanted to make something that is special to me.

That's really cool, must have taken some time to do!

Thanks it did but not really? I guess you can say that it wasn't much time to me because it was so interesting and helped me strengthen my OpenGL programming knowledge.