Jury: Newegg infringes Spangenberg patent, must pay $2.3 million


This is only half of the article. But Newegg lost to some patent trolls. To read the full article visit the arstechnica site because plagiarism is bad.

MARSHALL, TX—Newegg, an online retailer that has made a name for itself fighting the non-practicing patent holders sometimes called "patent trolls," sits on the losing end of a lawsuit tonight. An eight-person jury came back shortly after 7:00pm and found that the company infringed all four asserted claims of a patent owned by TQP Development, a company owned by patent enforcement expert Erich Spangenberg.

The jury also found that the patent was valid, apparently rejecting arguments by famed cryptographer Whitfield Diffie. Diffie took the stand on Friday to argue on behalf of Newegg and against the patent. 

such BS, feel sorry for newegg.

After reading about the verdict all I could do was shake my head in disappointment and confusion. Patent trolls are cancer on technical/creative progress and as such must be eliminated before they get anymore out of hand. Lets hope newegg can at least appeal this with even a modicum of success. 

well there goes the sales holiday season, great

I'm confused, how could a patent like this not be covered under FRAND when it's one of the few encryptions methods still viable (as the rest have such vulnerabilities as to be next to useless) and is so widely used it's bundled in to the operating systems that run webservers.

I'm just at a loss to understand why someone like this has been allowed to hold such a crucial part of the internet and use it a cash machine.

im sad that my recent new egg purchase just went into the pocket of lawyers.

lolwut the fuck. I hope there's some sort of appeals system for patents... cause this is retarded

Oh, they'll appeal, I'm sure. However, patent trolling is a continual bane, especially given the broken nature of the system.

Only one way to kill a troll... copious amounts of fire.