July 4th -caution: a bit of a rant

I would LOVE to celebrate our American Independence and Freedom, but unfortunately, our great nation is slowly losing its Freedom. The American people as a whole have become greatly ignorant to the efforts that our White House has taken to keep us, the people of the Free land, OUT of government and justify unconstitutional and unwarranted search of our personal data, including everything we put right here on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and any other site that you have ever visited.

Just know that the people who take a good portion of our taxes and pocket them, the people who have put is in such an economical deficit, the people that have taken our right to speech -Snowden being a perfect example- and the same exact people who now have decided that they can do whatever they want with our email, data, and any other personal information, are the same people who are supposed to represent US, the Free and Independent people of the United States.

Did you ask for all this?

Celebrate it by not what our country is now, but what it once was. Celebrate it for the ideals of Liberty, the ideals that our founding fathers bled for; Just because the citizens no longer want to be free, just because the citizens want a dictator to look up to, just because the citizens would rather be safe in captivity rather than free, does not mean that they have to destroy your day.

Freedom has to be taken, not given.

My cat was born on the fouth of july



Celebrate by protesting, Not being a typical yup yup.

all over facebook its just woooo yeahh!!!! and im siting in my room thinking ._. mkay have fun with that 

Because of recent awareness and a recent dosage of the red pill. I'm now only in for the fireworks.

My selfpity.

I had to laugh at this