July 2017 Issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine Released


PCLinuxOS is community created independant Linux distro, not a spin of something else. It's it own thing and it has it's own way of doing things.

Part of it's homespun community efforts is a monthly magazine. It's published every month and has been for over ten years. It is full of how to's, tips and tricks along with community news. Plus the added bonus for me is that I get a gaming article published each month.

So give it a look, you might find something of interest even helpful.

In the July 2017 issue:

  • Weak Password? Five Ways To Generate Strong Passwords
  • Game Zone: Day Of Infamy
  • AnyDesk: Better Than TeamViewer?
  • Introduction To The Lumina Desktop
  • ms_meme’s Nook: We’re Going To PCLOS
  • GIMP Tutorial: Add Rain To A Photo
  • 10 (Potentially) Fatal Linux System Security Sins
  • Introduction to TeX/LaTeX (using TeXLive)
  • PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  • And much more inside!