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Julian Assange may be handed over to UK and US


Extradition from the UK to the US is usually easy. If Assange is arrested in the UK he best get prepping the Aspergers and/or depression and suicide-risk reasons to avoid a one way ticket to America.

Still the Feds are learning and now wait for the suspects to attend conferences in the US and then nab them:

I’m not sure Assange would be stupid enough to ever travel to the states for any reason should he ever get out of the embassy and the UK…


Computer says “no”.


I don’t care anymore. He’s never been the good guy or a journalist. He was just very good at pretending to be one. Easy enough to do when everyone’s a villain and you’re in charge of what is essentially an intelligence and propaganda agency.


I wonder whats the nutsack grip what US has from these countries


Irrespective of whether people “like” Assange or not (and that really shouldn’t feature into this), a fact is that quite a large share of the pitiful amount of MSM journalism about western atrocities (etc.) in the Middle East and beyond, has happened only because WL made it impossible for them to entirely ignore it. To quote a bit from wiki (abu ghraib page):

On October 22, 2010, nearly 400,000 secret United States Army field reports and war logs, detailing torture, summary executions and war crimes, were passed on to the British paper, The Guardian, and several other international media organisations through the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. Among other things, the logs detail how U.S. authorities failed to investigate hundreds of reports of abuse, torture, rape, and even murder by Iraqi police and soldiers, whose conduct appeared to be systematic and normally unpunished, and that U.S. troops abused prisoners for years even after the Abu Ghraib scandal.

(And where has that gone? Nowhere, because the corporate media just stopped reporting on it once the initial furore died down, also because Peace Prize-anointed Saint Obomber was president by then.)

Then there’s also the enormous amount of useful info that can be gleaned from “Hillary’s” mail server from her privatized correspondence while acting as SoS about the actions of the US State Dept, etc. None of which is touched, because that’s what corporate/political america prefers (and the same seems to go for the corporate media internationally – none will really talk about the new imperialism “justified” by the Global War “on” (really of) Terror on people who happen to sit on useful resources).

Once Assange is gone, that’s likely going to mostly stop, too, if only because people will become even more scared of the consequences of leaking.


Like the NSA did?


IIRC there’s a timebomb in a massive amount of wikileaked information that is currently secured by a key to be released in the event of assange’s misfortune…


Unless he lied about it.


This thread should have poll like this

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You’ve been able to torrent about 1 TB of password protected wikileaks data for years.


i should clear out some space get a cracking bot with rainbow tables and go to town. could be interesting things hiding there.


Sorry, i said “password protected”, but i think its actually some sort of key.

it’s been several years since release and memory is hazy.

I doubt it would be feasible to crack, but by all means go nuts. It’s at least 1TB of data from memory, probably search torrents for wikileaks archive.


Assange is now a currency to be traded. But the whole world is watching. So what will happen to the dirty little man ?

Remember we are in the Post Truth world where the media cant spoon feed a local populous lies because the internet will disprove it via twitter.

I think the world watching Assange is the only save harbour he has left. Ironically cutting him off from the internet put him on the internets radar :slight_smile:


Sure, but it doesn’t mean that there’s anything really damaging there.


I’m skeptical that Assange decided not to publish anything. Wikileaks posts every document passed to them, often without reviewing first, and doesn’t redact any of it for being not newsworthy or even potentially causing loss of life. They’re notorious for this, and it’s the main difference between Wikileaks and Snowden. It’s why Snowden is easy to defend and Wikileaks isn’t.


Snowden would not have gotten far if it wasn´t for Wikileaks.
Wikileaks is a tool, neither good nor bad.


How so? Snowden didn’t have anything to do with Wikileaks.


assange helped him through side channels get to russia and get asylum. and wiki leaks has the key to snowdens dump so in a way assange helped snowden more than anyone else.


That’s right, they didn’t have anything to do with publishing his leaks, but they did help him get out of Hong Kong. Good point.

First I heard of wikileaks having the key to an encrypted Snowden dump, can you link to supporting evidence on that please?


I also thought Snowdon gave literally everything over to the journalists, letting them decide what and when to publish, just helping coordinate the first batch?