Julia Reda Interview - EU might want to make YT ID system into a law


I’m starting to think that European Union was a bad idea. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TTIP, Investigatory Powers Bill. One thing after another, it just never ends. The media corporations pushing this stuff should be put down like dogs infected with rabies.
We are so powerless against this. The only thing I can tell you is pirate everything you can. Don’t give them anymore money because they will just use it against you.

Enjoy the free net to the fullest while you can.


EU are masters, at doing something in the cover of something else. In many cases the exact opposite of what’s being reported. In the interest of extreme capitalism, right down into even water/foods.

The “safe & healthy” Pyramid of health, for example is simply based on maximum capitol income, 0 real scientific evidence, other than what is payed for. Paying to get payed in short, with far reaching interests over many countries, compared to 1 country alone.

There should have never been a EU, it’s the worst thing that has ever happened. They reported so many times that they were in danger of splitting, yet strenghtened itself, 100 fold.

In the EU, there are now many foods/liquids with the stamp of EU on them. Made in EU, where exactly is EU? Nowhere. That’s the actual address, of many foods and liquids. Which in EU are considered nothing more than mere products, ready to be thrown out in tons of it, on a whim. Even if the population, can’t afford healthy alternatives to the cheap capitalistic junk food.

In the end, it’s all about power and control over the population by the means of mass immigration. By using it in the cover of “humaniation aid” (When EU itself, are the bombers of those needing the aid) It’s set in place, to overrun healthy, developed Individuals and their opinions in larger scale numbers.


There is a letter that people should sign if they want to oppose this law.

This is more important then your new gpu specs and prices.