Judge my song [Just Do It Challenge]

All things considered, I didn't want to take part in the Just Do It Challenge simply because I've already, on numerous occasions, shared my work publicly on the forum; from my music to my youtube channel.

That aside, due to my move to China, I didn't pack my whole studio with me (mind blowing, I know), as such I only have the shitty built in speakers on my monitor and my Sennheiser cans to mix on - which isn't exactly the ideal set up for mixing.
So, I'm here to ask a favor: It's simple: DON'T WORRY! You don't have to be savvy in music production to help me out. listen to the track and tell me your thoughts on things like...the guitar is too quiet or There is too much bass. Granted these can be subjective things, but if I have a handful of people saying the same thing then...maybe it's worth it for me to look into that.

the link is a private link. It is intended only for TekSyndicate members, please be mindful before sharing if you plan on sharing.

And, for the record, I'm only leaving this up temporarily to get your feedback and then I will probably be taking it down for awhile. It'll probably stay up for the next 2 weeks or until this thread dies completely.


This is awesome. It should be submitted to someone making a psychological thriller or horror movie. I love bass but I think there is some sort of adjusting that needs to be done so it sounds more appropriate. I don't know how to say it in any musical terms.

I like it. Maybe you could make something for the zweihander game. If i could change anything i would make the guitar stand out a bit more during the solo and turn down the xylophone. Other than that it sounds sweet dude :)

Sounds great.

I feel like the chimes are dominating the track too much, and that they also might sound better with a ~15khz low pass filter.

Thanks for the feedback - oh, and for those who care to know (I'm guessing crispysnore and Rango both are referring to the same thing), it's a music box, not a xylophone.

I've previewed the track on a couple other sources I could get my hands on, and personally I kind of like the volume, though I can agree, maybe a little more out of the guitar might be nice. I'll still take another listen to see if I should reconsider the volume on the music box - at the very least, I'll at least drop it a db.

Very cool track man, I definitely dig it. I like the drums, I think it's a good beat. i also like the pacing and choice of different instruments. This is music to daydream to.

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Bro, this is sick.

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I do like this piece a lot, great job and really good creativity. If I really have to point out something that sticked out to me a bit are:
1) Drums doesen't sound completly "right" to me. Especially in the first part they sound a bit too messy because of all the fill up you made;
2) The overall song needs some polish and separation between all the tracks because I feel like I'm losting something while I listen to it and it's unfortunate since the melody is so good

These are my ideas about it. You already start from a really good point and you'll get better and better as time goes on. Keep up the good work and I hope the move as gone all good.

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Thanks. It started out with the intention of being part of the industrial album I have been working on for awhile now so the instrumentation choice sort of reflected that, but, if you couldn't tell...the track didn't sound very industrial, so I've decided to cut it from the album.

@HEXcellerate Thanks man :)

@MetalizeYourBrain Thanks for the feedback. The drums will just have to be a bit messy. I realized some of the fills were kind of wonky, I had assumed a bit of reverb and some compression would tighten that up enough to clean it up, but I guess not. Oh well, I don't want to open up the composition file to adjust it #laziness lol. Just looking for critique on the mix itself.
As for losing stuff: Yeah, it was probably the most difficult part of the track. A lot of the instruments (outside of the music box) were very mid-to-upper-mid range centered, which meant a lot of overlapping. I tried to utilize the stereo field to my advantage to clean that up a bit by panning most of the mid range instruments across the stereo image, but, the drums sort of filled in the gaps rather than giving space for the other instruments to breathe. I tried tightening the drums stereo range, but I already reduced their range by 20% and it already felt to tight to me, I would hate to tighten it more.
I'll look more into it when I open the mix project back up. I'm still holding out hope I might get a few more responses to this thread, but, we'll see...

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