jQuery [Netbeans] Problem, help needed

Hey guys. So i have this problem. For the several weeks i've been taking courses @ codeacademy and I've completed Python(which I think I'll never actually use...for reasons, but it did teach me a lot of fundamentals), PHP, JS, HTML5/CSS and now I'm halfway trough jQuery. That's great 'n all but I have no idea how to use jQuery. The way the courses work is you have a main HTML tab, a CSS tab and a JS tab, where you write the jQuery code. So I started up Xampp, everything working, made a new html project with and index.html, stylesheet.css and script.js (super basic stuff) and tried to do a project. html and css ran as smooth silk at localhost, but nothing to be seen from the jquery. So i tried importing some libraries and stuff but really i have no idea what to do. I forgot to mention, but it's in the title btw is that I'm using Netbeans. So how can I fix this, make it work? Also can you recommend some other IDE for web development, perhaps one you like or easier to use? 

10x - Prez. :]

First of all , it is not the IDE.

Second of all, no one is going to be able to help you if you don't post the code in question.

Third of all, you're just probably not adding Jquery to your HTML file. Just add

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

to your html file.

html http://pastebin.com/EGNwAecV
css http://pastebin.com/cTaQ9XgY
js http://pastebin.com/urCqZdxc
Also, including ^ does not help. 

The <script> referencing jquery must come before your own <script> in <head>. If jquery is not loaded first, you cannot use it in your own scripts later...

I did what both of you told me, and it worked! Put the script tag and before my own and it worked like a charm. Thank you, really! :]