Jon666's FS Thread

Not really.  I'll email you.

If only you shipped internationally.......

Have this set in pc currently, double checking everything. Had some issues getting all four dimms recognized, rebooted, and was able to set to xmp settings. Not sure if my mobo was expecting my other set to still be in there.

Hey jon666 do you still have this kit for sale?

Yeah been runnning it for a while now to double check everything fo a sale that fell through. XMP settings work, haven't put any time in to see what the ceiling is with my new motherboard.

I just PM'd you about the topic.

Sale pending.

Will be adding an xfx hd 6750 as soon as I can get pictures up along with a psu.

Ram has been shipped. GPU added.

The RAM kit arrived yesterday afternoon.  Thanks again!

After work bump. Will probably add i3 530 socket 1156 and mobo later this week. I need to get rid of some stuff.

I might be interested in the i3 and motherboard.

I might be interested in the i3/board as well.

whoops, just checked the thread again. It was running before I bought my ivy bridge.  Will be selling it as is, haven't looked up fair market value yet. I'll post what I can by this weekend.

Sounds good to me. As long as it's fair and decent I'll probably buy it right away. I would like some pictures, if possible just to you know ensure it's ok and everything. :P

ill trade 1 year of avg antivirus for the 6750

*Watches this post 24/7 for listing*

No thanks.

OP updated with mobo/cpu pics

I'll take the i3 and the MB shipped. I'll pay VIA paypal right now if you want. Also don't worry about the CMOS battery I have a few. Also if you don't mind I sent to a friend request on Steam, that way it will be easier to talk.


EDIT: I went to bed, I'll be on first thing in the morning.

Aw piss my bad. I don't know how it happened but I just wasted part of my life on imgur. I should probably sleep too.