Jon666's FS Thread

  • SOLD4x4GB Ripjaws x for sale. DDR3 1600 XMP Profile is 9 9 9 24 @1.5v had them clocked at 2000 stable. Bought another set of RAM so I no longer need this one. Looking for $120 USD shipping included. U.S. only. G.Skill honors the lifetime warranty so long as you don't screw with the stickers.
  • Paypal preferred
  • For Sale: XFX HD 6750 Second owner Sold as is $60 Shipped CONUS ONLY 
  • For Sale: 600W Thermaltake TR2 only used once. Worked alright with a slightely oc'ed i7, 7870, and three hdd's.
  • SOLDFor Sale: i3 530 Socket 1156 with Mobo AS IS $50 Shipped or $35 Local Pickup 98391
  • Not sure what I did with CMOS battery, if anything I'll pick up a new one from Radio Shack.
  • Will add some stuff in the future once I figure out which direction my work in progress is going.
  • Will soon add pics for ivy non-k i7. Looking for $240 including shipping CONUS



Will take offers. 

Only if it was 8x2

Yeah, just picked up a set of 8x2. I figured I might as well give up this set. 

Would you take 100 for them?

Yeah I suppose I would. 

I'll contact you, probably Wednesday, about it then. I'll buy them for that price.

If someone comes along before then and wants them, don't hesitate to sell them though. I don't want to hold you back.

Hey those would look good on your build!

Those are the exact ones I had chosen to put into my rig actually, except 2x4 gig. This will put some money in a Tek users pocket and get me an extra 8 gig of ram, win win.

They are a nice shiney red, with black PCB. I am going to miss this set. If you manage to go past 2000mhz with these, I am going to be jealous. I guess XMP settings are ok too. Not as fun.

Still for sale.

If only this was 2x8GB :(


I've gotten the same ram right now. I think i got it for 79.99 a few years ago. Just cuz there's  a ram shortage doesn't mean u can charge that much for used ram, lol.

I'll take the thread bump.

I'll buy it for $80 shipped to 76559 if you're interested.

I'll look it up tomorrow. Most likely will be flat rate usps. Too tired to think atm, send me an email if I forget.

Yo sizzflair you don't have anything set up in profile so no contact information. You frequent any other fs/ft forums like on hardocp?