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Donate your idle CPU and GPU time to a service called BOINC. Combine with thousands of other users all around the world to form a super computer!

I am currently running the DistrRTgen project which distributes rainbow-chains to individual machinenes as work packages in order to bust weak hashes.

This is a benevolent project whose goal is to try and force devlopers to use more secure methods of password protection.



Hey, so where's the system resources going to be use? I mean, super computer for what?,..



This seems very similar to a particular Low Orbit Ion Cannon... I'm assuming it works the same way? all connected PCs will be slave for DOS attacks against companies to test their security.



Absoloutley not. BoinC is a client that allow processing of a varitey of different work packages for different goals such as seqyencing Malaria protiens, de-crypting the original Enigma message, SETI progect, CERN and many others. It is run by the University of Berkley and helps underfunded projects, individuals, and organisation have access to computing power that would otherwise be completley out of reach.

The DistrRTgen project uses to BoinC client to distribute work pacakges to individual machines which are then processed then uploaded back to the BoinC server  as completed packages where they are then re-assembeled into usable data.

This porject has absoloutley nothing to do with any illegal activity whatsoever; the only reason I chose to post it in the "Hacking" forum was becuase the DistrRTgen project's goal is to assemble and compile massive lists of RainbowTables which forces lazy coders to use stronger and more aggressive methods password protection.

Basically it forces Admins to apply unique and individual salts to password hashes. You would be amazed at how many Admins are lazy and do not salt thier hashes.









I participate in several BOINC projects. BOINC volunteers have the option to select a team against which their contributions will accumulate. Is there a Level1Techs team? If not, any objection to me creating one for the projects I work on?



Level1Techs Team created for [email protected], [email protected], and World Community Grid. I will take them down if any objection to this. Thanks.





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