John Carmack interview Misc topics + Artificial General Intelligence

I recently stumbled across this interview with John Carmack. I personally view him as the “Nerd’s nerd” - and I say that with the utmost respect. I have always enjoyed listening to his various presentations and interviews. I personally view him as one of the most brilliant programmers on the planet.

At any rate, he has a good segment about Artificial General Intelligence and when that might occur in this video, It’s an interesting conversation, and worth giving a listen.

Here is the video


I always find it interesting to hear him talk about how they solved a problem during the development of something. It’s crazy he can talk for so long though. 5 hours! :smiley:


Carmack always goes long when he starts talking :wink: It’s all good stuff though. I listened to the entire thing :eyes: Evidently he is good friends with Elon Musk, makes sense, they are both pretty legendary in the tech sphere.

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watched that interview last week took a few sittings. but I loved every min of it. His talk about the AI , early life as a indie game maker. The metaverse talk was something I couldn’t relate with but He is smart / engineer and has better grasp on tech than me.