Jfings extremely accurate scientific cooling experiment

So, I got some thermal paste in the mail today and I went to swap out the stock intel CPU cooler (1150) with a coolermaster one from way back (775). Unfortunately my assumptions that they were the same size were incorrect (about a bee's dick too small in the case of the coolermaster heatsink) so it did not fit.

Alas I still jammed the unsecured coolermaster straight onto the cpu held together with nothing but unbranded silver chinese thermal paste that I found on Ali baba for less than 1 dollar a tub (yes a 15 gram tub for less than a dollar, go shove that $150000 arctic silver elitist shit up yo arse).

Yes feel the cringe, but funnily enough this loose, ghetto free floating heat sink keeps my G3258 at 27ºC at stock idle compared to the stock intel heatsink (which is under pressure) had my chip at ~35ºC or more

Once again the intel cooler has been proven to be the shittest thing on the planet

Below this is the CPU at 4.3GHz up from the base clock of 3.2GHz at 38ºC with the ghetto heatsink. Unfortunately my shitty PSU cant push it any farther, but soon, soon I will get a new one and we can really see how this SOC Force can overclock


try zip ties or rubber bands