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Jennifer was holding her breath for the Skylake upgrade, but since she already had a 4770k and Skylake wasn't much faster, she decided to swap cases for the Fractal Define S and save up for a new GPU instead. Take a look in the video!

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Cool build.

Indeed upgrading from Haswell to Skylake isnt realy going to make much sense from a raw cpu performance perspective.
If she does allot of productivity, then X99 would be a more suitable upgrade.

The Fractal Design S is realy a sexy looking case.
I realy like it, and its a decent case for the money.
Would be nice if Fractal made a White version aswell.

Video from Jennifer? This is unexpected but I like it! Cool build!


Is she using a gaming headset mic? At least grab a ModMic lol, I have one and my recorded audio sounds much clearer.

That's a pretty badass case.

Or a USB Table-Mic for 15 bucks. I have one, quality is good enough. Although my German Accent get's amplified by the Mic somehow and I sound like an Extra on the set of "Downfall".

@Wendell What is up with your release frequency lately? Not that I'm complaining, but that's a lot of videos! Have you hired people?

Clearing Backlog :)


aaaw yeeah! a random Logan threat at the end.

neat! that is all...



Although I know she mostly switched cases, I didn't see a build-parts list, on either youtube, or in the thread? Just curious as to what top-down cooler she used. (Also, kudos for using an AMD SSD.)

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I like that you have a ad/marketing manager who appreciates jargon! I know a hundred sales managers who would have cringed at the thought of saying that last sentence (well, they're many and all of them would).

Will she be doing more videos in the future? If so, please upgrade or calibrate her mic before shooting.

Top comment on youtube:
"Ah, man, I've missed the threats at the end of the videos. It's good to see the threats brought back."

Can't agree more. Keep the threats alive . . . and real!

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You guys, Logan seriously put bees in someone's car at my work today. So you'd better subscribe. :P True story.

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appreciate the girl power here! Well done Jennifer! Its a great video!

What's funny is that the suggested videos that popped up for me at the end consisted of 3 other Tek Syndicate videos, a Pauls hardware video, and 5 random videos that just contain the name "Jennifer", including "How to use Prepositions by JenniferESL", "Build a Better Fitness Model Butt by Jennifer Nicole Lee" and "Jennifer Holliday's Love Can Build A Bridge" lol. Oh, youtube.

Oh, and nice build : )

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Nice simple, easy to follow review. Will we be seeing more Jennifer Reviews on TS?

One question. I know the case was sent for free, but if you had to buy a case, would you choose Define S or Phanteks Enthoo Pro M?

Not an answer to your question, but I think the Phanteks EVOLV (ATX) is closer in purpose and design, to the Define S.

The design is exactly my issue with Define S. Look, it's a clean, open interior, that we are going to f up with closed front panel with limited intake, and not an open one like the Arc series had, that will allow this open interior to breath... And you know the ugly moduvent system of R5 that gives you nothing in terms of dust protection? We are going to use that...
I am sorry Fractal. I love you guys, but since Arc Midi R2 you are making a lot of questionable design decisions...

I liked the video but please use a proper mic next time? Good video other wise though.

This case seems like an amazing option for a lot of users. Very versatile!