Javafx prombles

Hello. I am learn Java programing. The program I am running is to calculated the BMI for a person but I keep on running into a error when I run line 34 (BigDecimal BMI = BMIpart1.divide(BMIpart2); ) What am I doing wrong. I can do part1 and part2 separated but when I combine them that when the error happens.

If memory serves me right I believe the FXML hooks have to be public visibility.

Edit: nevermind went a looked at an old FXML project of mine.

However one thing I do know is in the FXML editor you need to specific the FXID in the properties for the java code to properly hook in

This is too small to read. Please post the actual source code.

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Body Mass Index Calculator (1.4 MB)

ok so i am looking over your source code. and i ran the pre compiled jar file. i dont see where you are having an issue. it gets the proper values from the text boxes. and outputs to console the appropriate numbers. are you having trouble getting the text box to set a value for the actual BMI?