Java update News Link and

Hmm interessting.
i exaly did update my java yesterday to Java 8 update 51.

I guess i missed it. I was even looking for it? I should of repeatly checked their site yesterday. But but they got in bed with yahoo? WTF

Good news. For those wondering about the CVSS scores mentioned in the article . . .

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Hey! You could of said something? :)

yeah it was a bit weird, exaly firefox was the reason i came to this update.
It started to block java applets.
Thats was basicly the reason for me to do further research.

Those articles that show up now, is also a bit news to me.
But realy interessting to read.
What about the whole bed share with yahoo?

Their installer at least for me just tried to promote/install yahoo as my default search engine.

Ah okay, no i did not have that.
They didnt offer me anything with their installers.

Which more than a little puts me off. Is Java so broke they have take brides of third party bloatware? HE talking to myself again. LOL

I want to make an application that sets AltaVista to your default search engine.

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I use firefox mostly and its been a train wreck for the last day or two. If i would just go along with the popular stuff ?

well they have offered third party bloatware in the past indeed.
Adobe exaly does the same with Flashplayer.

I found the Yahoo offensive.

If you want to be rude ? I can be really rude.