Java questions need help learning Swing GUI having hard time

Hey guys, I need bit of help with school projects we are working on GUI using Swing. And i have 2 project due tomorrow given to me today. First one is learning how to work with event handlers and i can't find what I am doing wrong, so the program is to take text typed in and change it to all upper case or all lower case depending on what button you click and i can't seem to get event handlers in my head or find what the problem is so far. here is the code( I dont know if there is a tag for level one for code so sorry). it is below, the other project is to make a monopoly board gui with labels for the trains and buttons for the chance cells that set text to one of four random text when clicked. i have no idea Where to start, the book for the class dosen't explain a lot. I don't want the answers just help on where to start and find out where it went wrong. Thanks

UPDATE: i fixed project 1 it was a typo.... oops.

Also i have a better way yo explain my current problem, I am having a hard time getting things like JButton To stay one size in side of the board game, also if i need 40 board spots do i need to make 40 diffrent buttons or can i use the same one over and over if they need to be the dame any way.

just prefix every line with 4 spaces :slight_smile: The syntax is similar to Markdown (I'm sorry I can't help you with the actual problem, I never used Java).


Spoiler alert: This won't be the last one and you'll facepalm just as hard everytime it happens :slight_smile:

Alright thanks for that.