Java Issues after update

Hi all,

We [the office] have recently pushed out an update of Java (JRE from version 6 update 45 (JRE 1.6.0_45-b06). however, a large number of users are unable to access a multitude of sites that use the java applet to run - So far the only resolution we've found is to backup the user profile data and then have them log back in to create a new profile on the client they're using.

Clearing the Java cache etc. doesn't resolve it so I'm assuming it's a REG issue but I could be totally off the mark here.

I was wondering if anyone has seen this before and/or if anyone has an idea of something quicker we can try?

Frantically stabs around in the dark

(We're unable to use the most recent release due one site everyone uses not supporting it.)


What browser? Chrome has it's own java re built in.

We use IE11 (Don't ask), very few people have Chrome.

yea.... don't use IE11.... just don't anymore. Not a wise move.

Unfortunately I don't make that decision, we're moving to Windows 10 next year so I imagine Edge will come with that (Not like it's much better IMO), as far as I'm aware the reasoning behind using IE11 is that some s(h)ites we use don't support any other browser and the obvious fact that group policies cannot be applied to Chrome simply in an enterprise enviroment.

welcome to java.