Java Exercises


I was wondering if anyone could recommend any sites with some Java programming exercises. I just finished going through the beginner level tutorials on thenewboston youtube channel (about 87 eight min tutorials). I've tried looking for some assignments and I cant really find any that aren't just really simple calculators. Ideally I would like to come up with my own ideas but I don't have an ounce of creativity (I wish there was a way to fix this aspect about myself). But anyways any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance!


I think this is exactly what you're looking for!

My AP:CS used this for "free time" when we were done with programming projects. It's pretty versitile with the answers you can input

I checked it out and you are right, it is exactly what I'm looking for. A little off topic but what all does AP Computer Science cover? We just had the general AP classes in my high school (bio, eng, math etc.) but I would have loved to take something along the lines of AP:CS. It certainly would have prepared me for college a whole lot better than the sorry excuse for "programming class" that they offered lol.

Thanks again for the suggestion, really appreciate it!

for my school- we learned the bare basics of a computer. EG. ram holds data, cpu processes it and there are multiple I/O devices attached. Otherwise it was all java coding.

Is there a simmilar website like this for C++?

Awesome! This is exactly what I need to review Java!

After you are done with Codingbat tutorials, you might want to try out design patterns on Java:

Using proper design patterns is at core of any OOP.