Japan's new Sony based 2Gbps Internet

So I was trawling the internet, looking for an internet package that could give me an internet connection with better than a 20:1 download/upload ratio (60Mbps download is great, but 3Mbps upload with a dying router really doesn't work). I then found this little snippet, and was suddenly intrigued. It's not the same level of availability that US providers are producing (I think only one or two blocks get it currently) but it shows a more realistic capability of today's technology. I also find it interesting that Sony is the primary stakeholder of this company, and doesn't seem to be to excited about announcing it to the world for publicity. Perhaps they're developing a more advanced version of it for wide scale deployment?

What's your opinion of this?

Here's some articles on it that basically say the same thing but in different ways. I know it's older news but it's still relevant to today.