January Fun Build Needs Help

Hey guys, i know you probably have a ton of these type post you have to answer but heres the deal.


I want to build a computer but can only do so after january because im broke. 


My budget is from 375  -  550 dollars

i would like to go with the ivy bridge cpus

as well as a strong gpu

I will be playing games such as csgo, bf3, dota 2, LoL, Dirt, and others


I Thank you in advance!


I'll get on it as soon as I get done with cleaning and feeding my aunt animal rescue cages GO IVY i3s!!!


oh. mah. gawd. so. much. shit. everywhere. now that I'm clean I'm getting something to drink and I'll get started on the build expect it within 45 minutes

^^ ikr I was real excited when I heard

^^ lol? toliet overflow?

total= $573.03 shipped






now combo deals change and so do promo codes, product prices usually go down, once it gets to january, come back again and I'll make you a fresh list but this will give you an Idea what you're looking at

the lowest FPS you should see is 45-50 in Star craft 2, and thats just because its CPU intensive game, they don't have the ivy i3's on anandtech yet but epect them to be slightly higher than the 2100



no animal rescue, she has cages in her barn that I have to clean everyday, small price to pay for internet, electricity, water, shelter, and food, otherwise I'd be rather homeless right now

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand bookmarked, hell yeah

Thank you giga, once again, very helpful. Now i do have a couple questions. If i wouldnt be able to pull that much money out of my wallet what should i comprimise? Also would this build be at least somewhat future proof? at last is that case good? would it be better if I spent a little more and went with a HAF 912? VERY LAST: Wont the prices go down very much during the holidays? How that allow me to save even more money? Sorry but i dont have a job and the money is trickling out little by little

if you need to comprimise let me know and I'll comprimise the list accordinly, future proof the ivy i3 is great but an i3 is an i3 you can always upgrade to a i5 or an i7, that's whats great about sandy/ivy bridge, its lower midrange stuff is kick ass but you can upgrade to the upper half of the 1155 spectrum for even more kickassery

The B75 is a business board, what does that mean for your ivy i3, diddly other than it runs all the features your i3 can dish out such as PCI-E 3 and higher than 1600 ram, you can only FSB overclock, not K multipliers if you don't intend on Overclocking its great if you DO then you might want a z75/z77 flavor, which is about 30 bucks more for the cheapest,

the 560 is a great GPU it should retain its value for a while

the Case is ATX and will fit any ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX mother boards which is the standard for almost all desktop motherboards, anything larger will be a server flavor and if you put them side by side you'll see that the zigmatek one is much better, better cooling, more fans and a bigger size of fans supported, coated black interrior is a plus too

it might go down even more due to holidays, if so then you might be able to get a Z75/z77 to fit into your budget, that is why it is a good Idea to get a hold of me again once you have enough money to get the whole rig, you do not want to buy one part at a time


Thanks! you should earn 50k+ just for all your expertise!!!!

How much would I be able to overclock the i3 with a z75/z77 board even if its not a K multipler?

lol I wish, businesses want computer salesmen, not computer engineers, I'm just a bum who knows his way around a computer.

well you can only FSB OC a i3, so wether it be the B75 or the z75/z77 chipset you can up the FSB from 100 to about 103 to get it from 3.3 to 3.4, and that's about as high as you can genneraly get, my 2100 i3 got to 104.5, but 102-103 is usually the highest for sandy, ivy is supposedly higher like 108, but 103-104 is the highest I'd reccomend as it also controls the SATA and PCI-E


FSB overclocking is also known as Bclk overclocking, while K multiplier overclocking is just CPU overclocking,

also if you run a Bclk of 103 and your ram runs at 1600, then you'll be runing your ram at 1648, which even the cheapest 1600 ram should be capable of