Jahshaka crashes when i open a video file

whenever i open a video file in jahshaka it just stops responding and goes white. it then says that it has stopped responding and that we are sorry for the inconvenience. im running windows 7 RC 64 bit, core i7 3 gigs ram and a gtx 285. anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?

May I ask what Jahshaka is? I've never heard of it. I'm guessing it's a media player?

If it's a media player, you could always use another one.

Sounds very ghetto... Get vlc or divx

Get winamp: http://www.winamp.com/player

I only use winamp for music, but it can do video to. I just prefer Windows Media Player for videos.

Foobar for music,

k mega codec pack with windows media player class for movies

Wow guys, it took my 5 seconds to throw "Jahshaka" in Google and find out that it is a cross platform video editing tool.

Nice job recommending video players rather than addressing the problem. You guys could be XFX support reps.

CS4 Master Collection for editing

Well.... He should have said so.

cs4 is expensive.

Torrentz. 'Nuff Said

well my issue with pirating software is that a lot of people work hard to make the software that you and other seem to think they are entitled to for free. I do not think that anyone should be cheating the devs and companies out of their money through piracy.

Well.. against a huge company as adobe, they couldnt care less. But for private devs that aint controlled by corporate naziz, I would gladly pay to get software.. But I rarely see that.

you call a corporation nazi, yet a corporation is made up of private owners who hold shares. and not only the shareholders but normal people who code the program for the "nazi" corporation. i do not think it is fair to steal the work of hardworking Adobe employees. I am not trying to defend the corporation but more the individuals that make up the corporation and the software that they release.

really i agree with that, the programmers put a lot of work into the software they create and a lot of the people invested in these corporations are not multi millionaires they are just average people. but that said adobe really is charging a lot for their good software, (like most companies whos software is aimed at professionals) and most kids wanting to learn it can not afford that kind of price tag yet.

but ya so what do you need this software for?

thanks for agreeing with me, i need jahshaka because its free and can be compared to adobe after effects combined with a really low end sony vegas. only thing is its apparently unstable, i cannot get it to work.

jahshaka is now cinefx for anyone who cares.