Jack in the OOBE

In my curiosity I have recently used Windows 10 Audit Mode. I was asked to setup a computer for a family members birthday. Although, I was asked to have it perfect for when they opened it ( updates install, applications installed, etc )

I mentioned I would setup a local account and would have it so they can just switch it on and go. Then after 5 mins of talking ( digging a technical hole ) - it was deemed that the user account setup or OOBE would be preferably done by the family member. ( I mentioned Audit Mode at the time -_- )

However, when using Audit Mode I found out that you cannot do Windows Updates ???

Would there be any method to get Windows to install updates in audit mode? - or - is there a way to create a local burner account to do all the system updates, then delete the user and switch back to OOBE?

Can’t you install all Windows Updates and then Sysprep the machine Sysprep /oobe /shutdown?

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That works really well! - Thank you!

The command wasn’t working for me though. It says sysprep is not a known process. I just put sysprep into the run box; and it took me to the sysprep folder.

This is really useful. Looks like I can now create a local account to then update, pre-install applications ( still to test ), deploy a default start menu template ( still to test ), then reboot into OOBE

I switched into audit mode and I was able to then delete the account I had made. Then rebooted into OOBE

Thank you for your help! :smiley:

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