Ivy/Sandy Bridge and 1.65v Memory

So I've read many different articles and opinions on the safety of running 1.65v ram on an Ivy/Sandy cpu.  Intel recommends 1.5v.  In contrast many memory manufacturers make Intel XMP sticks that run at 1.65v.

Some opinions state that 1.65v will burn up the integrated memory controller.  Others say they've been running 1.65v for a couple years without problems.  Most of these opinions are speculation of impending doom, but no actually knowedge or proof of 1.65v actually damaging or shortening the lifespan of these cpus.

I guess my question is, does anyone actually have first hand experience with frying a chip from 1.65v?


With my last build i had to change my Ram because of that issue. I was running a Sandy Bridge i7 with ram that was 1.65v and was getting fequent bluescreens. Changed the ram out for a lower voltage and all the issues went away. Chip was fine though.

its not the actual voltage that kills the IMC, its the delta between core volts and memory volts, Intel chips are far far less resiliant when it comes to volts  and delta's then amd tend to be.

if your overclocking and putting extra power into your cpu you should be fine with 1.65v, if not, stick to LOW volt ram 1.5v or lower.

I have been getting a lot of bluescreens on my most recent build iwth 16GB(2x8) of G.SKILL Trident X 2400mHz, but I never thought it was my memory. I should lower the voltage and see if it helps.

EDIT: I got my G.SKILL Trident X to run at 2133mHz @ 1.5V stable. I can probably hit 2400mHz if I fine tune the voltage, but 1.5V is the recommended maximum. Screw recommended ;)