Ivy Bridge or wait for Haswell? Maybe new AMD CPU?

I am just wondering, as I said in the past, I want to upgrade my PC. I thought my mobo was fine as I wanted an ivy bridge CPU (i7 3770k), but it turns out my mobo is a Z68, and ivy bridges only support up to Z77, so then if I want my wanted upgrades, I'd have to get a new motherboard. As someone who is a teenager with no job, upgrading a PC is not easy to do, as you have parents. I have convinced them to let me upgrade, and I am allowed to do it when Christmas comes around (which was a challenge, but I convinced them well enough). I believe by the time I get the chance to upgrade, new parts would come out, including Intel's Haswell processors. So I am wondering, since I have to wait a while, should I get the ivy bridge or go around with Haswell? 

Also, has anyone heard about AMD making a new architecture or new line of CPUs yet? Possibly GPUs? I'd like to know.

You can get an Ivy bridge processor with Z68 but youll miss out on a lot of the Features.

As for the other two options

Haswell will only give you 10-15% more performance per clock, but apparently they will OC really well, so you could get quite a lot out of them.

As for AMD i hope they overhaul quite a bit, there architecture is really weak ATM, Piledriver's sucked and Bulldozer is slightly better (6-7% same clocks) but they just bumped up the stock clocks to give you higher performance, but if they manage to get 10-15% more performance at the same clocks speeds theyll definitley be a contender.

So no matter what you get it should be powerful, but since your Upgrade will be so far off just wait until they release and read some reviews.

What features will be missed out if I used the Ivy Bridge on the Z68 by the way?

More like 5-10% from benchmarks thus far. Also, Bulldozer sucks and Piledriver is better, 10-15% improvement as promised by AMD. AMD is also sticking with AM3+ socket so buying piledriver now future proofs your mobo for their next revision.

Uhh things added in z77, Native USB 3.0 support, not that z68 doesn't have USB 3.0. Uhhh Intels shit SSD caching that you won't use, The ability to split pci-e x16 lanes for x8, x8, or x8, x4, x4, Crossfire/SLI.

Pre-release benches arent always the best, im waiting to see everything after theyve been out for a month and all the small issues have been ironed out and some tweaks made. 

It was 10-15% but 1/2 of it was just the upping the clock speed on the Processor, the actual Architecture didnt change too much.

It was 5%, You said clock for clock 10-15%, It does worse in some bench's clock for clock.



So... shit I will not use, although native 3.0 support is something nice, but I can live without. Not worth upgrading then, unless I feel like using AMD.

You got your names mixed up. Bulldozer was released first, and Piledriver later, which means Piledriver has the 6-7% advantage, not Bulldozer

If you want AMD, you'll have to wait until next year. They skipped 2013 releases. Both for CPUs and GPUs( I'm not sure about the APUs, though)

Haswell is right around the corner( at least, I think so), and there should be a ton of reviews once it's released. If it does turn out to be better than Ivy or Sandy), get Haswell. They should also OC better than Ivy, as Beyond said, but we'll see.

If Haswell flunks out, or if the performance doesn't justify the price, then get Ivy. Since they released a new generation, prices should go down, even if just a bit, and that'll help you.


Forgot that, thanks for reminding me!