Ivy Bridge or Haswell?

Hi Guys

I want to upgrade my Rig with a new Processor and Motherboard.
First I wanted to put in an AMD 8350, but then I thought when I´m allready on it anyway, why not put in an I7...

My question now is:
The Ivy Bridge is arround a year in age now. Does this make the Platform reliable and smooth, or should I wait for the  Haswell launch in June?

The CPU Board combo I´ll put in should hold for arround 4-5 years. The CPU I have currently in my Rig served me well for 5 years now. But it starts to get laggy on the higher settings in Skyrim allready.

So what do you Think? Will they only upgrade the integrated Intel graphics on the Haswell and get down the nm count, or will the processor be worth the wait before I upgrade?

Thanks for you Input :)


NM wise it will stay the same, however they do architectural improvements and I'm guessing the motherboards will be better, with dual 16x slots and some rumours hint towards DDR4. Considering the performance increase from sandybridge to ivybridge was only minor I think they will aim to make this one considerable but it could also go the other way. At the end of the day, no matter which way you go you'll have a good processor.

Fair enough. I´m just not sure it will hold for 4-5 years. I don´t want to upgrade every (2) year(s)... ^^"

Ivy Bridge is still definitely plenty smooth, but if you have the patience and the wallet to wait for Haswell this summer, I'm quite sure they'll make some decent performance improvements.

Haswell will over a lot of smaller imporvements and tweaks over ivy bridge with a few big performance leaps in certain areas, the most signifigant difference ive heard is that intel is hinting that it will be an overclockers dream, which i hope to hell it is!

There won't be DDR4; not developed enough, especially not for commercial production.

For the average person, Ivy Bridge is fine for overclocking. Only if you are trying to go above 5.0gHz with a bad chip are you going to run into problems. I hit 5.0gHz at 1.4V first time around :)

You mention big performance leaps in certain areas... Do you have any more specific Infos if this area´s will affect gaming and the occasional use of photoshop? If Haswell will only have higher theorethical bench scores and not affect work/game speed much, I´ll stik with the 3770k...

I love my 3770k; it's a great chip :)

personally I would wait for Haswell but that's just me, it really depends on how your PC is performing according to your standards.

For example my brother only plays WoW at 1280x1024 using a FM1 APU, and that will probably be enough for him for the next 5 years.

Not with the heat though, and the easier the better.

Double the Vector performance, a 10% performance increase at the same clock speed, and it will use some new Extentions including AVX2, FMA3 and TSX which should make processing certain workloads more effecient. 

Add to all that the rumored Overclocking, and the performance Increase overall should be around 15-25% depending on the application, but we wont know until it actually gets tested so i could be way off.

AMD's FM1 APU is fine, even thought you could upgrade to Richland soon that is FM2 but has alot better performance and considerably less power consumption...