I've noticed something switching from Win to Linux

Hello everyone,

Being a complete noob coming from Windows has been interesting. But I have seemed to notice something that I wanted to ask the community about because it's impressing the hell out of me, and I'm just wondering if it boils down to beer goggles, or if it's really something I'm experiencing for the first time.

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE Windows 10. So far it's been the Windows I was waiting for. But something happened recently in my life to make me realize at 34 years old, I should at least try Linux again.

But here is what I have noticed in my first 12 hours of Linux:

Everything seems easier to read. No, you did not read that wrong, I mean compared to EVERY Windows edition I've ever used up to and including the current Windows 10; I have an easier time reading in Ubuntu\Linux.

I feel like I've got new glasses and can suddenly see clearly. I don't have to be 10 inches from my monitor to read smaller print. Everything seems to be much more crisper. Everything seems clearer. Colors seem to be more accurate. And I SWEAR the content I watch on YouTube AND Netflix that is HD seems to BE HD for me! Everything seems to be much more VIBRANT. Almost on par with the HD experience I experience on my TELEVISION. Which if we're honest, is far lesser tech than a goddamned PC MONITOR.

Am I just viewing this with beer goggles? Is this just the same as that new car smell when you get a new car? And 6 months down the road it's gonna disappear?

Or is this actually something new I'm experiencing? Is this like my metaphor for glasses? Cause honestly, this is exactly how it feels to me. I feel like I got a new prescription on my glasses and I can see clearly again!

I used to have to sit - even with my 24 inch 1080p monitor - 10 inches from my screen JUST TO READ THE TEXT ON THIS FORUM. But now, I'm able to sit comfortably at arms length away from my keyboard and read this without eyestrain and squinting!

Please, I would LOVE for people to chime in and at least help me understand what I'm experiencing here!

Thank you and have a nice day!


Some of it might be a placebo effect. However UI has a lot to do with it.

Saying that, Some distros have good font rendering, Ubuntu included if i remember right. The new Fedora release has better font rendering than the last. Its something that a number of distros have been working on.

So yes. Since you last used Linux font rendering has improved a lot, and in my opinion renders text better than windows (depending on the distro you use or if your made changes yourself)


I've also found the same, font rendering in Debian (when configured correctly, that is!) is fantastic and feels superior to that of Windows.

Saying that though, Windows 10 is a bit better at font rendering but I personally dont fele its a match.

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The fonts used are also a factor.

Ubuntu uses the Ubuntu font typeface.

where as Windows uses Segoe

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Font rendering is different in Linux, perhaps itvsuits you better.


Better fonts, better font rendering, and better UI rendering.

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Color Management and Scaling are also things Linux generally handles a lot better than Windows (at least that's my experience using Gnome, Cinnamon or Mate).

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It is a bit like how AMD's image quality appears sharper and cleaner than Nvida's softer perhaps more smoother look.

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Have to agree with the OP, I do like Windows 10 but fonts are just rendered better in most Linux desktops and OSX. I know MS changed the subpixel rendering for ClearType fonts in Windows 10 and I think it helps when using UHD or 4k displays but Gnome/KDE etc still look better.

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Im especially liking Gnome desktop on my AHVA panel, it looks like a smart phone if you get what i mean.

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Most likely in windows the cleartype feature wasn't configured correctly for your monitor. This would most definitely make text "blurry" looking.

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I find the options for getting the best experience or at least as close as you can get real nice. Options are always nice...


I can't speak to the font, but welcome to Linux!

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It's not placebo. Image quality is definitely better, it's easier to read and DPI scaling actually works. I use 125% scaling on a 24" 1080p monitor and it barely works on Windows 10. I wear glasses. Often time in front of a computer as well. But not when I'm using Linux.

I'm windows at work and linux at home (the best place for it), I find that windows as an OS can be frustrating to function in and a clutter developed environment. Gnome is great for space. Because there aren't as many things grabbing your eye, like flashy dynamic menus (mid-type), and poor window management in peripheral view, I find my eyes aren't sore or fatigued.

I am with the OP on this.
I was playing with the Windows 10 DPI and fonts a few weeks before moving to Manjaro and they where not very clear or sharp. Even used the Cleartype program that you go thru to make the fonts the way you like, and never did get them to look right.
In Manjaro I can see the font type and size no matter what font I choose and they are all clear and crisp fonts.
Eye strain was getting to be a problem with Windows 10 and having to look at fonts that looked like they where trying to hard to be fancy, instead of just being nice clear crisp fonts.
That is one of Windows 10's problems it tries to hard to be fancy and pretty with font shading and what ever, instead of being just a clean OS.
Thanks OP for the post, I have been wondering what is different with the fonts.

I just install Infinality, and rip the fonts from Windows.

Thanks I was looking for this

In regards to everyone talking about fonts.

That is GREAT information to know. Honestly, awesome to know.

But it wasn't my only observation, and now having been with Linux Ubuntu (Unity) 16.04 for roughly a week or more give or take a few days, I still reiterate my stance. Mainly because I've managed to not only break LINUX several times in this time frame but WINDOWS too and was forced to reinstall. (which sucked cause I had programs and stuff I really liked and can't for the life of me remember what they were. So I'm writing everything down, and saving it to a drive that isn't tied to either operating system)

I've noticed it's not JUST FONTS that seem clearer and easier to read, but text in videos. Also, VIDEOS look clearer and sharper! I've noticed COLORS in fact are more true to their intended color palate.

In Windows, everything seems to have a slight haze. Videos seem slightly over exposed. Websites too. Now, let me preface this with the fact that I am shade blind. I can't tell the difference between different shades of colors unless they're VERY dramatic. (which tends to piss my wife off) But I can tell there's something off about Windows.

Where as Linux everything seems to be clear, the colors accurate, and there isn't any blurry effects unless they are intended.

The only exception to this rule, is in games. I've played and mannaged to get Star Trek Online to play on Linux for a short while, and compared it to the way it looks in Windows, and I see no difference. But then again, I could probably not be noticing it because of my shade blindness.

It's rather interesting. And even though I've broken Linux like maybe 5 or 6 times since I started using it. Trying to fine tune it and such; I'm enjoying the CRAP out of it!

Thanks for the few who have welcomed me to Linux! I'm enjoying it this time around a HELL of a lot better than my last foray into Linux. Which was like 7 or so years ago. And boy is it a Night and Day difference. I DEFINITELY will be able to use this as a daily driver. Especially if my experience with consuming content is gonna be THIS rich and THIS much easier to enjoy!

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I jumped ship to Linux Mint 10 around 2010, when my Windows Vista blew up. For about a week my wife was jumping up and down complaining, then she realised she could do everything she wanted with Mint. Pretty soon I found out about other Linux flavours and BSD. Bought an old Thin Client, put IPCop on it as a super home firewall. Got going with virtualisation and got into Linux Servers. Learnt more and more and now work as a Linux Admin.

If I need Windows, I just use a virtual version from Microsoft, for free.