Ive Just got 8320

Hey ive bought a 8320 to replace my old spare rig. How do you think it will do against my 3820 as i think it should be interesting to find out. (also is funny hows it has the same digits apart from the 8 and 3 are swapped around)

I hope it might beat or match it, as my Amd phenom x6 was amazing before that system died.


Thanks Guys




I suspect it'll be better faster lower power consumption.

The 8320 will just crush that weak APU in to dust xD

this can be intressting  FX8320 vs i73820 :D test them with both the same gpu :P

Well its been almost a week and i have used the 8320 for gaming and every day use and there is almost no difference in gaming compared to my 3820 @ 4.4ghz. Overclocked it to 4.6 and got a 8.01 in cinebench which isnt too bad, i would use this is my main system.

Although with older games the intel runs better than AMD.



yes that older games runn better on intel is simply to explain.

Those older games would probably using 1 or 2 cores max, and the intel i7 does have a better per core performance, cause it has Hyper Threading, thats why  the older games  mostly 1 core used, runn better on the intel.


the way the software is coded in the older games, they prefer single core performance

so what i have found from my 8350 by default to reduce the amount of load in the cores it uses two cores all the time 

as the amount of things runing increases, the cpu will get the next two cores runing quad and so on where on an intel it will run 2 cores. 

the way i see it is that the cpu is actually an quadcore where each core is a dual core running a total of eight cores

maybe with future bios updates can fix this situation and improve single core performance