I've gotten my ass handed to me for a while now and need help.... How can you install Debian on btrfs subvolumes(i.e. mount root, home on btrfs sv's before installation)?

So no one on the debian user forums or reddit could help me with this problem... It is easy enough to install something like Arch or Gentoo on btrfs subvol's, just make the subvol, mount the fs's to it and proceed with install.... I can't even make it this far using the debian installer so I decided to use the debian bootstrap utility, debootstrap, which works just fine when installing on an ext4 partition or even btrfs partition, just not the subvolumes.

Here are my steps


I know this is gonna seem dumb, but if you use a live CD and then use gparted to make your subvolumes and format them in btrfs that way you might have better luck.

I know it should not matter since gparted is just a front end for what you have probably already tried to do, but I have had really good luck doing things the graphical way over he terminal way.

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