I've got $350 disposable, anything I should upgrade?

Hey all!


Now my PC is really good already. But I have $350 disposable to spend, and what better way to spend that on then my PC? 

I do play games a lot, but I need extra power for heavy premiere pro rendering/various adobe products. Here are my specs, then I'll list some ideas I had.

CPU: AMD FX 8350 (Oc'd to 4.6 on an EVO lol, it's surprisingly stable.) 

GPU: Gigabyte windforce GTX 770

RAM: 16 GB 1866 Mhz

Mobo: Asus Sabertooth 990fx

PSU: PC power and cooling silver 950w


So here are my ideas:

1. Get a second 770 because I like those extra frames, will my CPU bottleneck and will an extra card help with media encoding?

2. Upgrade to a better intel CPU which might not be needed, AMD FX 8350 trails behind the i7 3770k in Adobe programs so I'm probably ok. Of course I'd have to buy another MOBO as well, so imo it might not be worth it. 

3. Get a better cooler for my CPU and OC it further. A noctua nh-u14s perhaps?


Any other ideas? I will only buy new computer equipment if it helps with gaming and or adobe program performance. I feel like the second card is the best option because that would get me the biggest performance boost, at least in gaming. 

The second 770 will give you the most noticeable performance increase I think the 8350 will handle 2 of them just fine

Get another 770. If you're satisfied with your current rendering, you should stick to that setup. A better cpu cooler probably wont push the performance that far. Sadly, my nh-d14 only does 4.5 stable on my 8350. For the money, I would probably just get the 770 for the extra frames. I doubt you would see THAT much of a difference if you replace your CPU. plus, you would have a useless cpu and mobo. If you had a bit more, you might want to consider an  if you dont already have one

custom water cooling?

Good suggestion, but no. I dont' like the noise of water cooling, if I was to get better cooling which i don't need atm I'd just get a good noctua air cooler. I think I'm gonna go with a second 770.

Second 770, yep.

Going against the grain here the extra 770 is a great choice but if you don't already have a SSD i'd invest in one it makes a notable difference in performance across all aspects of computer use

Get a qnix 1440p monitor with three year warranty.

forget the computer, just get some bad ass shoes. a couple.