I've found a Fast VPN with a good discount!

I was recently looking around the internet for a VPN to surf the web and enjoy my videos without lag whiles staying secure. I then stumbled upon a VPN called https://introvpn.com and they had a really good discount.

Website: IntroVPN and the discount code is 20OFFRED

With this discount code I got 20% off.
Let me know if there are any other VPN's that offer this price with a good discount price. I actually love this service.

Do they log? Cause I can't find answer on their website.

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They don't log. It's on the features list and on their homepage and I believe on their privacy policy as well.


Yup, I just saw that

Their pricing with the discount is approximately the same as the normal pricing of PrivateInternetAccess. As far as I can see their features are the same as a lot of the other good VPN providers (though I'm not sure about the P2P optimized thing, and the unlimited bandwidth). However, I can't seem to find how many clients you can use on your account? For reference, PIA grants 5, Mullvad has 3.

Doesn't seem to have Linux compatability? That's an instant disqualifier for me unfortunately.

They support all OS's, the problem is they only have a windows client. I'll ask if they have an instructions page on on how to setup on linux.

Based on my reading that they support all OS, they're probably going to have some sort of L2TP or OpenVPN config file for Linux.

Nevermind, noticed now that they actually seem to release their OpenVPN .conf files, should work with Linux!

I believe it's unlimited until they actually set a limit somewhere. I will ask and let you know.

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If the VPN is in the USA its a waste of time to me....Somewhere in Europe or Asia and I would trust it more.

OP, are you related to the service in any way?

A new account with no posts other than this thread is raising my marketing flags.

I don't mean to offend, but it's not that uncommon of an occurrence.