ITX recommendations?

Looking to build a small form factor pc for Ryzen 3700x. I want to do GPU passthrough on this as well. So whats a good ITX mobo for AMD that has good IOMMU, good bios etc. I am not sure what case I want just yet. As far as GPU passthrough goes, I’m also open to gpu via m.2-to-pci adapters and pci-e bifurcation on the pcie slot. Basically what mobo can handle all this on ITX form factor for AMD Ryzen 3700x. Thanks

One or the other, not both.


MazeFrame is correct.

Not because ITX boards can’t support PCI passthrough (they can), but because you can’t pass through a GPU and use it at the same time.

Since you’re using the 3700x, which doesn’t have integrated graphics, your GPU will be your only working video out, which is less than optimal.

Also, not all GPUs will fit in an ITX case, greatly limiting your options.

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Yeah, I had read about all these issues, but I am willing to work through them, like others have. I could have gone with intel for the igpu, but I opted for Ryzen instead. Yes, this requires me to get 2 gpu’s but I’m not looking for extreme performance, so im OK with compromises. For example, I’ll be ok with just basic graphics on the host linux, just good enough for browsing, and then a passed through gpu for a Windows VM. So some posts I’ve seen around gave me this idea. For instance, this guy is trying the same thing as me but on B450 ITX:

Then there’s also this M.2 gpu I found that seems like it would alleviate space concerns in a 2 gpu ITX form factor.

So given these qualifications, am I still crazy to try to attempt this?

I would say yes when it comes to AMD.
Because there are simply way too many hoops to get trough.

If you really want to do this on itx,
and you want decent cpu performance?
Then i would just go with intel.

9900K (S) and an Z390 itx board.

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