ITX media/entertainment build help

Hi guys, college is coming up for me and I was looking for a media/entertainment ITX build for the living room
I'd like to keep it under 500 dollars but if what i'm requesting for it to do isn't in that price range i'm willing to go up a bit more but nothing over 800$

1. Able to handle 4k movies and tv shows (I know that's also based on internet speed)
2. Able to handle some light gaming if needed or wanted
3. Small compact, quiet would be nice.
4.  something that will keep up with quality of streaming for four years 

Thanks for the help guys. 

Maybe an AMD APU build? You could use an A10 as the CPU and pair it with an R9 290x if you wanted really amazing graphics. But that doesnt really fit in the "light gaming" category lol. The only bad part with AMD is there is ZERO DDR4 support, but DDR4 will be pricey...