Itx gaming PC for my tv


I am moving into a house with some uni buddies and was going to use my tv as my main monitor to save a bit of space in my smallish room.

I was going to downsize my atx build to use as my main gaming, work and HTPC. I was doing some research and the 2 console sized cases are appealing to me; rvz02 and node 202.

I have therefore made a few builds and wondered if someone more knowledgable than me can give me some advice and which one would be the best choice.

Which is more cooling oriented with more fans to cool my aftermarket card.

Or if that cooling wasn't needed I could go with this which would give me access to a cd drive as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

it seems like the silver stone is a bit better. has more vents for air flow :) and less of a hassle with cables. hope that helps.