Itx gaming pc, Budget:1100 euros


Hello everyone! I am attempting to build a PC, but since this is my first time attempting to build since 2004, I am quite lost! So I was hoping someone here could help me guide to a nice build! I live in Greece at the moment, so euro would be the currency I will be using. I don't  mind if its from anywhere else in Europe not even from anywhere else in the world as long as it is cheaper (=P), especially from Sweden since I come from there.

My budget lies around 1100 euros. I have mouse, keyboard and screen but in need of an OS (win 7, if possible, really don't want win 8). I will be using the computer for gaming primarily, maybe some type of editing in the future.

I prefer AMD since they usually are cheaper and still remain good (I might be wrong but it used to be like so =P). However, I have read but don't fully understand if AMD support itx.

I want Bitfenix Prodigy as case, it's a must since the video from thetek!       


Short facts:


  • Budget: 1100 euros
  • Country, currency: Greece euros (and Swedish kronor) 
  • Peripherals: already got
  • Gaming PC
  • Need of clocking: don't mind either way!
  • Watercolling: if possible, yes!
  • OS: win 7 (unless you can persuade me that win 8 is good =P)
  • Case: Bitfenix Prodigy 


  • High FPS in games like Europa Universalis IV, Minecraft and at least 60FPS in games like Battlefield.
  • Would like 1080p resolution but for budget sake I don't mind it being uppgradable.  


Basically I was looking at the build that thetek did and want similar but mainly gaming.

I don't know if I have missed something, but if I have please tell me!

Thanks a lot in advance!



hay man if u want built in graphics its not really upgrade able because the a series wont be to good for a cpu 

but u could get a a10 plus a low end graphics(not sure what one) card to xfire for more power.

watercooling u dont really need only for the best overclock. for most overclocks ull only need a heatsink,

i didnt oc its more money u spend on cooler and mother board and if ur intel the k version for not much improve moment.

i dont no euros so i wont have good idea for parts but heres what i think

i look into it later sorry ill reply hopefully with a good build

Hej! Here you have a quite decent build that will run almost any game at very high settings.

BTW, jag är också svensk så jag länkade till Inet, väldigt trevligt ställe enligt mig själv:

Om du absolut inte måste ha en Prodigy så skulle jag rekommendera ett Cooler master elite 110/20/30, du får mycket mer för pengarna och de är mindre chassin också.

Hello there =)! Thank you for the suggestion! I will have a closer look when I get home! 


Jag kanske är lite ytlig men jag gillar Bitfenix riktigt mycket =P. Jag brukade använda coolermaster produkter förut men skulle vilja testa och se hur prodigy är.

Ha de gött så länge!


Maybe I'm a little bit shallow but I really like bitfenix. I Used to use coolermaster products before but would like to try out the Prodigy and see how they are.

Have a great one!

Hey! Thanks a lot for the tips, I will keep that in mind!

Keep everything in English please!

Grtz Angel ☺