Itx build AMD apu vs intel solution?

Right I am only posting here cause I assume this part of the forum gets more attention.

Not seeking advice from specific people(Logan etc) but from anyone that has valid reasoning behind their explanation.

OK so the question is, I am building an itx system for my sister. She is working proffesionally now and would like something small in her office(thust the ITX build). Now the problem is my budget is at an ultimate maximum of 590 Pounds. 

I have chosen basics and what is left is to choose a motherboard. It is to my knowledge that AMD does not have mini itx boards that support AM3. BUT I know I can throw in an APU on their board. Thing is though. Even though it is a proffesional system and graphics arent vital I am throwing in either a 7790 or a 650ti. The AMD choice pushes the price down to about 60 pounds which gives more legroom for maybe a cpu cooler etc. The intel build I am looking at an i5 3330(I know its not unlocked etc but my sister will never overclock). I have always been an intel builder and I seriously do not know what to chose for this specific setup.

Why would I chose the intel option (since it costs so much more)? Can some1 give me a valid reaason. 


The hardware:

AMD APU A10 6800K Black Edition 

AsRock FM2A85X-ITX Motherboard


Intel i5-3330 Ivybridge

Asus P8H77-I Motherboard 

Just if anyone cares what the rest of the components : Bitfenix prodigy(sister absolutely loves the look of this), seagate 500gb hybrid, 8gb ram 1600mhz (low profile in case I can throw in a decent cooler, and clock speed is 1600mhz because anything above that in europe is more valuable than gold), 550W OCZ bronze psu, 650ti Asus.


So the full question is why go with intel rather than AMD or vise versaa

she may like the look but she won't like the size, there are mATX cases smaller that it

I'd say go with intel since they are a more matured ITX solution but Asus is making matx and mini itx am3+ mobos confirmed on linus's wan show by JJ

can't really help you on per part basis since I'm only good with newegg

If your going to have the 650ti regardless of which platform it is on, then get intel. The APU choice is only really favourable if your not having a dedicated GPU.

Intel solution is lower TDP in the long run which may save her money than going with AMD. And why would you use an i5 instead of an i3 if your sister isn't doing editing or gaming? 

I would go with a comparable haswell chip as it shouldn't be that much more expensive

reasoning behind an i5 is cause my sister will be using this computer for the next 4-5 years so the best specs I can get right now the better. so in the long run i5>i3. Also questioning why not going with haswell its because theres like no mobos I can find in that form factor that dont cost less than 140 pounds (which is well over the 70 pound z77 itx mobo I am about to order). and not only that the i5 haswell chips cost between 190-270 pounds which is well over the budget of the i53330 (120 pounds I am about to order;p)