iTunes to foobar2k Transition

Hey Folks at the Tek and other awesome people in the forums,

After slowly becoming obsessed with audio and beginning to start to resource most of my music to flac, I have hit a dilemma.  I have a pretty intricate playlist folder system being used in iTunes that is ordered alphabetically, but also by artist, genre, album, soundtrack etc.  I am aware of an iTunes importer tool that lets you import playlists into foobar2k but I am not sure if it also handles playlist folders well. I have over 100 gigs of music, and I don't want to spend the hours painstakingly reorganizing my music in foobar.  

Are there any suggestions in an automated way I can do this, or am I doomed to do this by hand.....

Thanks for all the help!


Edit:  I forgot to mention that I was convinced to switch over with Logan's 2 part foobar2k video intro on Youtube!  


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