ITT Tech shut down

Saw this on the space web site
From ITT Tech:
From Bob Zimmerman:
Any business that has successfully provided services to its customers for fifty years has definitely proven its worth β€” except to the hardcore leftists in the Democratic Obama administration. Employing 8000 people and providing worthwhile training to thousands more, and doing it privately outside the control and power of the federal government? We can’t have that! Better to destroy it!

My thoughts: People looking for a tech career don't want or need to go broke taking courses that have nothing to do with tech but are to make then a better person like community development of womens studies. Better person=indoctrinated leftist.
This is a "thank you" to the colleges and universities who helped elect B. Hussain Obama by giving college credit for voting "early and often"

edit: This is why I like OC'ing, takes my mind off the collapse of western civilization.:)

ITT tech was a for profit college that had a graduation rate below 30% and a gainful employment rating in the single digits. Just because a sham has been running for a long time doesn't mean it isn't a sham. DeVry and Phoenix are in the same category and operate the same way.


I know a guy who went there as an adult (not undergrad) and he said that it was an astronomical waste of money. He told me to discourage anyone who wanted to go. I'm very against the US government doing shit like this, but there's exceptions to every rule...

Thisnreminds me of the compter school in 2000

Not only did i loose my last summer of freedom after graduating that year to this b.s. school they shut down 6 months later with one month to go.

Aparenyly there was tax issues and entrance exam fraud to force people into the progam that no one wanted to take.

I wanted the networking program but they said i wasnt qualified based on a test that was basicaly the ones they take from 2nd grade to 11th grade. I didnt want to go i wanted to go to a real college but my dad insisted it was better fo me. So instead i alegedly failed to meet the requirements for networking the the first time and got the same exact score the second time. Which was s a few points from the minimum score needed diferen tamounts and not one question was the same ether they claim it was to prevent cheating on the retakes. Yet 2 times i cot exact same score down to the decimal point and different qeustion counts on both

Long story short after my dad filled in 9 of he same fn forms i finaly got my loan forgiven canclelled and refunded on the already paid amount minus entrance fees

WOW I thought the trucking industry was dirty and filled with dirtbags.
However if ITT is a scam it should be exposed by the tek media.
I do see the community colleges becoming trade schools.

Yeah, there are quite a few for-profits that are pretty shady.

If anyone decides to go to a for-profit they need to look at what accreditations they have (if any), student debt, graduation rate, transfer out rate, and stuff like that extraordinarily closely.

Some for-profits give degrees that are quite literally worthless.

Note: I love community colleges (I've taken classes at two), so there's that.

I'm really glad I didn't fall for it. I mean, just because they're for-profit doesn't mean you won't learn anything, but they're so fucking shady in the way they deal with peoples money that I absolutely refuse to go to one.

I was going to community college in a transfer program for computer science, but eventually (because of work Mon-Fri 8-5) I ran out of classes that are available during my non-working hours. So now I'm going to National University. It's a private non-profit. I doubt they're as prestigious as going to a big public university, but I'm hoping that with my degree plus work experience (6 years in IT and rising, 5 of which was military) it won't really matter where I got it from.

When I was finishing high school I went and looked at them and ECPI. I could see that they didn't seem right. One of them made a comment that a cisco engineer leaving them could make 40k a year or something starting. I pointed out that I could take the cisco class' elsewhere and get near that without the tens of thousands spent with them.

I did actually see an English paper someone I know gave one of them in class(I think it was ecpi instead but can't remember). The subject had nothing to do with the paper and it was something that wouldn't have received a good grade in middle school. He got an A on it. I knew then the schools were nothing more than a scam.

I actually know a few people that will throw away any resume with one of the schools on it. They have been burned enough times that they don't want to risk it. Kinda sad in a way as I'm sure a lot of people went to them because they enjoyed working with computers and actually got something out of it because they did extra work. To be fair I don't put much stock into a resume with ITT or ECPI on it either unless it is far enough back to not really matter.

My community college degree has me setup to become the ISO are my job in a few years. Community College teaches you the skills you need to get into the field, earn experience, and let that let you succeed instead of a piece of paper.

Not down playing the importance of university by any means, but you can be successful in most fields with an associates if you apply yourself.

Ya, the problem is I got to a point where none of my classes were available outside of my work schedule, and my local community college doesn't offer much online when it comes to IT related degrees.