It's Time for DUNE!

The new Dune movie is now streaming on HBO Max!

Who else is watching it tonight?

It’s the best video adaptation of the book so far.

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I’m still trying to finish the book :slight_smile:

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I will try to find time tonight for this

Go see it in cinema. This movie begs for a big screen and great audio system…

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I really liked it! Though I’ll be mighty disappointed if there is not a sequel or two coming…

Over where I am, cinemas arent really open yet

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So far so good! Definitely more true to the book. It’s worth watching! :+1:

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I liked it, can’t wait for part 2… :roll_eyes::unamused:

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I was initially irked, to the idea of a coveted tier film, being put to rehash cash grab territory.
Let alone, touching a lesser obvious cinema marvel, that was crafted ahead of its time [with less vitriol]

…I dialed my temper back, on addressing two (2) particular fronts, in these guys favour:

  • The effects, both CGI and practical, would be more appropriate / effective, to elaborate activities
  • These guys are willing to play the long game [hosting as a 2part sequence]

I can only hope for the best… But I’ll wait for physical copy availability

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I am going to go see this on the iMax tomorrow



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Why am I getting some Dark Souls vibe with the poster?


When I saw the David Lynch Dune it rocked my world. This new one was good but it didn’t have the same effect, that could be due to it being 2021 and movies like this are common. Still I feel like this new movie could have been a cheap SyFy channel production. It seems to lack the gravitas of the David Lynch film.

David Lynch is in my opinion underappreciated.


You want to know a fun fact?
Lynch made a Zach Snyder and presented the studio with almost 5 hour epic. The studio literally told him - cut that in half.
Or maybe Zach Snyder made a David Lynch :thinking:

Can’t wait til they announce the actors casted for Darwi Odrade and the Bashar Miles Teg in the 27th movie. :smiley:

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what a steaming pile of shit this turned into.
its only half the story, and the other half may not even get made.

dont get me wrong the movie is the movie and its not terrible. a strong 7/10
but the fact they only made half of it… pfft!. 4/10


Don’t forget about the books past the first trilogy. God-Emperor of Dune is epic.

Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure should check out the documentary about the Dune movie that could have been.

Jodorowsky’s Dune
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Saw it at the iMax.

Absolutely gorgeous film, very true to the book with some minor liberties to get past a lot of the inner dialogue. I thought it was well paced and fantastic.

This coming from someone who has read the entire series twice and has read many of the new books by his son.

If you’ve read the book, this goes half way but ends on a good note, which I appreciated. They did every character justice here, and that alone was worth the cut in two.

It was sold out last night and this theater was packed early in the morning, so I’m confident we’re going to see part 2 and I can’t wait.