It's time! AMD 8350-AMD1800x

Was able to get a Amd 1800x for a incredibly low price under 40 bucks(Canadian dollars) eBay auction. Steal of a deal! Still need to get a motherboard and ram but as patient as I am I will wait and try to also get a great deal on them. Already have a 3070 and SSD so not worried there so this upgrade should be pretty inexpensive but worth it!

Been doing a lot of research on the amd 1800x and it looks like the memory is a hard one to overclock(3200 maybe it’s limit). However I am determined to get it higher or tighter(did the same with my old build ddr3 2133 to almost 2500 and almost on par with benches from a amd ryzen 5000 series 3200 ram speed)

Looking to get another Asus board(high end and keep it til a higher upgrade of ryzen

This should be a ton of fun once I get it all setup and start to learn a lot on the am4 architecture

Anyone have this one still or before that can shoot me a few things


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Zen1 pkgs, be a toughie for better memory speeds [let alone holding it]
My 1600AF [Zen1+ cores, but Zen1 controller n’ such], refused to see anything >2666
My 1920X [Zen1], gave me false hope, in identifying higher available speeds, but no go
My 2920X [Zen1+], would take the same ram kit at 3200, without a lick of care

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Threadrippers are definitely tough to get those memory clocks higher for sure. Hoping to dig deep into the ryzen and squeeze something decent out.

My 1700 (still running on a backup machine) could barely do 2400Mhz on the RAM. I have to bump the RAM voltage a bit for it to be stable. In general that seemed to be the limit on first gen Ryzen (2400-2666Mhz). If you got really lucky you could get 2933Mhz or even 3200Mhz.

Going from a heavily overclocked FX8320 (4.7Ghz all core) to a stock Ryzen 1700 was a HUGE difference. Just make sure the motherboard you get can handle the PB on these things, and you have a decent cooler as the stock one will limit you. Board wise you will be limited to B350/X370 and B450/X470, but check the manufacturer’s website anyway. The BIOS chips on these early motherboards were often on the small side and as BIOS revisions came out with added CPU support older processors were dropped.

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Mine (8350) beast of a machine so Ryzen will be fun for me. One thing I never cheap out on is the motherboard! A awesome board can send you to the sky and a bad one can bury you six feet down in performance.i have seen it and will never go back.

Planning on gskill ram since I had the best time with it and overclocking has been great as well.

Bios updates should provide more I would think in helping out the old ryzen goat so I hope for the best

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Study BIOS histories, with planned mainboard(s), in case the BIOS wipes Zen1 support!?!!

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Does that even happen often?

Removing Zen1 support? Sometimes. Had a Gigabyte X370 board that removed Zen1 CPU support in one of the latter BIOS releases, with no indication from the website. I have seen some Asrock B450 boards that also removed Zen1 from the latest BIOS (but in their defense they do indicate it in the support page of the boards). Zen3 support was extended to some 3xx series boards, so to save space sometimes Zen1 support was scrapped.

Their was ROM Limitations, being a part of AMDs ploy, to push users to buy into 5__ series
These Beta BIOS iterations, would reduce available CPU Support, from the stack
So use of a Zen1 / Zen1+, would be sacrificial meat, towards advancing to newer SKUs

*Likely the last BIOS Rev., before supporting 5000 series CPUs, would be your end game

Hmm never had that or heard of that before but will add that to my search when looking. Thanks

I have a Rezen 5 1600 with 8 cores. Aparently a batch of Ryzen 7 got accidentally branded as R5.

It’s the CPU equivalent of a minting error. I wonder how rare those are now or will be in the future.

Well my golden goose 8350 for overclocking will probably sell for 150 bucks or more. 5 GHz at just 1.4 volts has so much potential for records

With yours it’s probably opened and used right? If I remember correctly that affects the value of rarity. You could look it up and see how much they are going for in the market however right now and if you want hold onto it for awhile.

The ploy was when they said Zen 3 could not work on 300 series boards. When they started to support Zen 3 on A320 boards (due to OEM contracts) people started to call out their BS. AMD’s main reasoning for not supporting 300 series boards was that they were too weak to properly support the new CPUs. The real reason, other than AMD wanting to move new (expensive) 500 series boards, was limitations in BIOS size. This is why yo got some 300 and even 400 series boards dropping Zen 1 support in their last set of BIOS files.

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Looking at ASUS ROG Crosshair X370 VI Hero and ASUS ROG Strix B350 Gaming

I feel the crosshair looks like the better option

Why not an X470 board? Also, the twice as fast and thrice as efficient 5700X exist on the same socket. That costs $160 brand new and, paired with a decent B550 motherboard for $130 or so, would give you a better experience than sticking with the 1800X (but for $250-$300 instead of what you pay now, of course). Even at OC the 1800X only has a 20%-25% perf improvement at double the power draw. If you want it as a cheap OC lab computer though, feel free :slight_smile:

To answer your question though, the X370 is the better option and worth about 25%-30% more money I would say.

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When I pick something I do so for long term and in getting the 1800x for so inexpensive I couldn’t turn it down. A 4ghz overclock and 3000 MHz ram should do well enough for me.When I sell my 8350 and sabertooth board I could very well be breaking even.

The price you provided was in American dollars right on the 5700x? I don’t mind waiting years before they get to 50-75 bucks in cost since I don’t need a lot

What’s good about the X470 then the Asus Crosshair X370? What would I get if you don’t mind me asking. How about the 570 after looking this up as well.

What are the thoughts

X470 and B450 gives you a much more stable experience over X370 (X370 was outsourced while X470 was made in-house by AMD), and B550+5700X gives you USB 4.0 at a reasonable price.

This is my goto recommended AM4 motherboard for budget builds, even got WiFi:

But if you really need to save a buck or two, here is a low cost option that will support a 5700X just fine (but an 1800X might be too powerhungry):

These parts are brand new and still covered by warranty.

Not looking for a budget motherboard however. Would like to have a high end one so later on when 5000 series gets low to upgrade again.

I always invest more in a motherboard then the cpu and that mindset has always worked well for me

This generation will dissapoint then. Of the two high end board chipsets, X370 had a bit too weak VRMs for many-core CPUs and the X570 boards are just wasted money over the B550 boards, these days. If you care about PCIe 4.0 get AM5 already, otherwise it is only a question if you want two or three x16 slots on the board.

My pick for a more well rounded premium board is this. You can also add $20 for the WiFi version. It has basically every feature you might want except for an error display. If not this, the Asus B550 ProArt for $229 is also promising.

This board is good enough to even run the Ryzen 9 5950X CPU, the best of the best of the best on AM4.

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What do you mean by this generation will disappoint? I wasn’t disappointed with the 8350 and I know I won’t be disappointed with the 1800x