It's over 9,000! (FTL Lego)

Remember that FTL project on CUUSOO I posted here a few months ago?

No?  Ok then...

Anyways, they've finally passed the 9,500 mark, meaning that they need less than 500 more supporters to become official Lego sets!

If you love FTL and Legos, you guys can help make this project into a commercial product!  :D

I think those lego models look so slick.

I havn't voted for them because I don't want to make an account :S

And as of now, it has been achieved the goal of 10,000 votes.  It has finally made it to the reviewing process!

its as easy as clicking on link to facebook and clicking allow, I did the same thing most other cool things that I don't want to make an account for like twitch and livestream and these voting things

This will go nicely along side my 110+ hours