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It's been a while since we've seen [user]


Don’t jump is not an option I seem to have on admin. Maybe a user pref?

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It used to be one, but after the last update it’s gone.



@wendell thank you for the new themes.

@tsk now it should be included under Material Dark but Discourse Black is quite good as it has bigger fonts by default.

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bringing functions from the dead is quite work intensive especially with each upcoming update.

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Discourse black is very nice. The font choice tho is weird. Also for the category icons, they are the ones typically used for settings sliders, the ones that are used for showing if a feature is on or off.

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The font looks like times new roman but I have grown up with it and it’s fine for me.

Saw the sliders too bothers me a bit but I will swallow it for the overall look.

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Is it supposed to be this massive?



Material design theme om mobile looks like this



Try with clearing cache for me it looks like that

Yeap looks the same on my device.

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Under user options you can pick your font size for the theme and have control of that.

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