It's all coming together!

Well, it is finally time! I have begun ordering parts for my new build! I'll be posting pictures of the parts as I receive them and hopefully I will have pictures of the process of building it. There are still some parts that haven't been bought yet but they will be bought soon.

I hope you guys stick around through this entire process!

If you are wondering what my build is, the link is down below.















(Awwww yeah, click me right here baby! Yeeeaah, just like that...God you are so good at this!)

I think the picture is missing.

No that is not the case. Sorry about that. I didn't post any pictures yet, I only did that as a joke :P

They will be coming soon though!

I have the HDD, RAM, WiFi adapter, mouse, and graphics card on order! All that is left is the OS and the monitor but I will get to ordering those this coming week.

I also got the CPU yesterday. It is weird yet very pleasing that I got it yesterday because I ordered it off of TigerDirect on Wednesday. I chose the free shipping option (4-7 days) but it arrived on Friday. To say the least, I am pleasantly surprised by how fast it arrived! 


I just put the pictures up on Imgur since I am slightly retarded and can't post them on here.

Click HERE to see them! <---------------------

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Sorry if the picture quality sucks, iPhone 4 camera too OP