It's alive!

I did it you guys! I finally finished my build! After waiting and saving, I have finally did it. I wanted to ask a question, I still don't have a gpu and I saving for a bigger HDD, and I only have is intel hd graphics 4600, and I wanted to ask do I need to update the drivers for that or, what do I need to do so I can play with the best graphics I can get for now?... I was excited to build my first build but my mobo came defective, so then I bought another one. I'm currently not done building because I need extra hands putting the cooler in, but by tomorrow, I will be done. Thanks to teksyndicate community for their help, you guys are the true MVP. :)

The integrated GPU isn't made for any games at all. You sure can install some drivers, or rather just a control panel, but it works fine without this stuff :)